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EXPLORA Consortium/Immuno Valley have entered the last phase of evaluation of 2017/2018 NWO ‘Perspectief’

The EXPLORA Consortium focusses on personalized diagnostics and interventions in chronic inflammatory diseases.

EXPLORA consists of experienced research groups, clinicians, Dutch biotechs, as well as multinationals active in diagnostics, healthcare, nutrition and pharma. After successful completion of the first round of evaluation by NWO, EXPLORA was invited to submit a full proposal with a binding commitment of all its partners for the final assessment round in the 2017/2018 NWO ‘Perspectief’.


Through intense collaboration and guided by Immuno Valley, EXPLORA partners realised a challenging and innovative public-private programme aiming for optimal exploitation of the mouth as a diagnostic read-out. EXPLORA aims to deliver a Platform, covering oral biomarker identification and selection for application in validated novel diagnostics based on non-invasive easy-accessible saliva samples to assess an individual’s health/disease status and monitor Chronic Inflammatory Disease (CID) development and treatment efficacy. The EXPLORA user community is eager to apply the EXPLORA Platform to improve their patients’ health and ultimately to reduce healthcare costs.


We will keep you posted about further developments.