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Demonstrator – Connecting Innovators

NWO has now opened the registration for the Demonstrator-round 2018 and the deadline for sending in applications is Tuesday, February 27th.

Per demonstrator project a maximum of 150 thousand euros can be requested. The demonstrator program aims at facilitating and stimulating the application of research results from Dutch universities, research institutes, colleges, and SIA financed research. The program focuses on further developing a technology to create a Minimal Viable Product, in other words a basic version of a product with a Technology readiness level of 5.  

The basic version of the product will then be used to demonstrate the functionality of the underlying technology to a third party and proof its readiness to hand over the product to a different party. The final commercialisation of the technology will be executed by a commercial party.

A demonstrator project has a duration of maximum 18 months and consists of the following elements:

  • SHOW: the creation of a demonstrator on TRL 5 Level. The minimal viable product will be developed during a maximum of 12 months.
  • TRANSFER: the ongoing validation of the market demand for the demonstrator technology. In this part of the project, activities will be executed aimed at transferring the technology to another party. Market validation leads to a better fit between the technology and the market, enhancing the chance of transferring the technology to a commercial third party.

 Professors or teachers from universities in the Netherlands and several other institutes can apply for the demonstrator program. For more information on the specific applicant criteria and a more detailed overview of the project click here.