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Apply now for new Immunology call

Apply now for the new Immunology Call: PPP programme Immunology: Immune system off balance.

The disruption of the immune system plays a crucial role in various diseases such as infectious diseases, cancer, allergies and autoimmune diseases. Despite the enormous progress made on treatment methods during the past few years, in many cases the diseases concerned cannot be cured. This has a considerable impact on the patients’ quality of life, our economy and society. Do you have a solution that impacts a broad patient group but not the resources and partners to conduct the research? Then the 'Immunology' call is for you!

Restoring the balance
The Dutch Cooperation of Health Foundations (SGF) and the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) are making 2.75 million euros available for public-private research initiatives in the field of immunology. This initiative must lead to a sustainable cooperation between industry, research/knowledge institutions and health foundations that contributes to restoring the balance of the immune system in various diseases. Do you work together with relative partners working in the field of immunology and are you in search of R&D funding? Then do not hesitate to apply for the 'Immunology' call!

Who can apply?
A consortium of at least four research organisations (universities, university hospitals, universities of applied sciences) and at least two companies can submit a PPP application to the Dutch Association of Immunology (NVVI) and the quartermaster of the eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands selected by the NVVI. The quartermasters will coordinate the applications and may suggest smaller consortia to work together.

PPP Allowance
A PPP allowance with a maximum of 2.75 M Euro can be requested (min. 1.5 M Euro), which covers maximally 75% of the projectcosts for fundamental research.
Companies should cofinance at least 15% of the project, and research institutes at least 10%.
For other types of research, other cofinancing percentages are set according to the guidelines of Top Sector LSH.

Deadline submission preliminary PPP application form: 19 February 2018

If you have any questions or need support in finding collaboration partners or setting up the project, please do not hesitate to contact Immuno Valley.
You can email Mijke or call us on +31 30 253 1142.

For more information read the full ‘Immunology’ call. An English version of this document will be available soon!

Source: Health-Holland