Accelerating research and development of new antibiotics and alternatives

Introduction to the Project 

The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP) promotes collaboration between public and private organisations, to enhance the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies for infectious diseases in humans and animals.

As a result of antibiotics overuse, a growing number of pathogenic bacteria becomes insensitive to antibiotic treatment. Infectious diseases that are currently easy to treat, such as lung or bladder infections, can become life-threatening once more. Since 1987, no new classes of antibiotics have been introduced onto the market. Additional research into new antibiotics, combinatorials, or alternative and preventive treatments, such as vaccines and probiotics, is of utmost importance to combat resistant pathogens.

Project Aim

The NADP team can help you find project partners for public-private partnerships aimed at developing new antibiotics and alternative therapies for treating infections in humans and animals. NADP will identify relevant public and private stakeholders in chemical, biological, and/or biomedical antibiotic research to forge collaborations through targeted connections. NADP will organise regular matchmaking events. By matching partners for new public-private collaborations, NADP aims to accelerate the development pipeline to fill it with new, better antibiotics combined with novel prevention and care concepts, to combat antimicrobial resistance.


The NADP partners are the Centre for Antimicrobial Research (CARES), the Centre for Sustainable Antimicrobials (CeSAM), the network organisation Immuno Valley, and the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH). NADP is strategically and organisationally embedded within NCOH, in particular within its Strategic Research Theme Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (NCOH-AMR).                                              

Seeking for alliances

Contact NADP Alliance Manager Schelto Korf with your questions about matchmaking and opportunities for your own project. E-mail: