ALTernatives to ANTibiotics (ALTANT) research program

Introduction to the program

ALTernatives to ANTibiotics (ALTANT) is a collaborative research program of academic and business partners with the mission to develop promising alternatives to the use of antibiotics in veterinary healthcare. The program is a collaborative effort by Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the University Medical Centre Utrecht, Zoetis and MSD Animal Health. ALTANT is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and coordinated by Immuno Valley. 

Program Aim 

ALTANT aims to develop new solutions to combat bacterial infections without the use of antibiotics, while minimizing the risk of developing resistance to treatment. 

Projects under ALTANT Program

The ALTANT program consists of two research projects that follow distinct lines of research:


Investigating antimicrobial host defense peptides that can be used as immune-modulators and/or therapeutics. – Project leader Henk Haagsman, Utrecht University. Read more >


Unraveling bacterial evasion molecules shed by bacteria to mislead the host’s immune system, in order to develop a new approach for vaccine development – Project leader Jos van Strijp, UMC Utrecht. Read more >

Facts & Figures

Total ALTANT program budget is 18M Euros, half of which is invested by the industrial partners and a third is funded by the Ministry. 


You can download a PDF copy of the ALTANT Conclusions and lessons learned book here.