About us

Immuno Valley Team and Executive Board

Immuno Valley brings science and business in the field of human and animal health research together in order to jointly develop solutions to diagnose, prevent and treat infectious diseases.


Meet the Immuno Valley Team

  • Mijke Vogels PhD, Project Manager
  • Schelto Korf MSc, Alliance Manager
  • Nora Polter, Office Assistant
  • Vera Molina, Office Assistant

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Meet the Immuno Valley Executive Board

  • René Aerts (Chair) - Director at René Aerts Consultancy B.V.
  • Jan Brink - Director at Almare Consultancy B.V.
  • Wouter Dhert - Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Professor translational musculoskeletal research at Utrecht University
  • Ludo Hellebrekers - Director of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

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Our Key Values

  • Trust: is essential to realize partnerships
  • Business-driven: we focus on market needs
  • Expert: we are knowledgeable and experienced in our field
  • Committed: we are dedicated delivering the best advice and services to our partners and our clients
  • Personal: we listen, we act, we care


Our drive is to build more valuable business-to-science and business-to-business collaborations at the crossroads of human and animal health. We look forward to accomplishing this through active cooperation with established and with new partners.