Immuno Valley Team

Liana Steeghs PhD, Managing Director

Liana Steeghs has built Immuno Valley from its start in 2008. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, is an excellent matchmaker and has a proven track record in acquisition, funding and establishing R&D partnerships in the field of infectious diseases. Before Immuno Valley, she worked for 15 years as a scientist in knowledge and applied technology institutes in the Netherlands and in the UK. From her personal drive to contribute to the health of humans and animals, she specialized in bacterial vaccinology and immune mechanisms aiming at prevention of infectious diseases. Liana was trained in Biotechnology, followed by a PhD in Molecular Microbiology at Utrecht University. In addition, she holds a degree in Program management and completed the RSM Diploma programme in Business Management and Leadership.

Mijke Vogels PhD, Project Manager

Mijke Vogels PhD, joined Immuno Valley in 2011 as Project Manager. She values the personal contact with Immuno Valley partners and customers and is experienced in matchmaking, giving customized advice and project management. She was trained in Biomedical Sciences,  specialized in infection and immunity, followed by a PhD in Infection Biology at Utrecht University. After a position as a scientist on host-pathogen interactions at Utrecht University she changed gears from hardcore science to coordinating science and business partnerships at Immuno Valley.

Schelto Korf MSc, Alliance Manager
Schelto Korf has more than 10 years of experience in the life science industry in commercial and business development positions. Schelto has a Master in Molecular Science (Wageningen University) and in Business Economics (Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam), offering insight in the scientific and the business side of partnerships. Schelto has an entrepreneurial spirit and likes to identify unmet needs and discuss and define realistic solutions. Schelto will build on the current Immuno Valley project portfolio and he will also establish new partnerships for existing and new Immuno Valley partners. He will focus on a further expansion of the human health network and he will build and support new partnerships in this area.








Nora Polter
Office Assistant

Nora works at Immuno Valley as an office assistant. Nora started her career as a typist and since then she worked as secretary, communication officer and management assistant. She worked for big and small and for commercial and non-commercial companies. For Nora it is important to work for an organization that values making an important contribution to society. 



Vera Molina BA, 
Office Assistant

Vera works at Immuno Valley as an office assistant. Vera is communicative and organised and has a special interest in government communication. Vera studied Communication management at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.