Overview of our current portfolio

Immuno Valley matches business and science and builds and supports business partnerships to find solutions in the field of antimicrobial resistance, infectious diseases and gut health. The team activities include matching the insight in the partners’ needs with the available expertise, facilities, and opportunities. The network offers an opportunity to meet potential new business partners. This has resulted in a number of R&D programs. A few examples are shown below. 

ALTANT Project

ALTernatives to ANTibiotics

ALTernatives for ANTibiotics (ALTANT)
was a collaborative research program of
academic and business partners with the
mission to develop promising alternatives
to the use of antibiotics in veterinary
health care.



Bac Vactory project

Bacterial Vaccine Technology Center

The Bac Vactory program is focused
on developing novel vaccine technology
platforms in order to effectively prevent a set of (emerging) bacterial infections in animals and humans.



Antibiotics and alternatives

The Netherlands Antibiotic Development
Platform (NADP) promotes public-private
collaboration, to enhance the development
of new antibiotics and alternative therapies
for infectious diseases in humans and animals.



NK Cell project

Chicken immunity NK Cell

The team in the NK Cell project aims to 
identify a role for Natural Killer cells as
biomarkers for the developing innate
immune system in chickens. 






Intestinal models for food research

The 2-Real-Guts project aims to find relevant in vitro research models for the intestine. Immuno Valley is partner in
2-Real-Guts and supports the consortium.


CPE Research Plan

Carbapenem- producing Enterobacteriaceae

The aim of the research proposed in this plan, 

is to enlarge the quantitative knowledge on the sources and mechanisms of colonization, transmission and spread of CPE.