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Evaluation Topsector aproach Ministry of Economic Affairs

An evaluation of the Dutch Topsector approach was published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. One of the conclusions is that the Topsector approach has contributed to a more question driven approach to the programming of public private partnerships in the Dutch universities and knowledge institutes.

The Topsector approach has contributed to a more question driven programming of research in Dutch knowledge institutes, continuation of applied research infrastructures and setting up longterm public private collaborative programs for fundamental research.

The report highlights a golden triangle approach that was created for collaboration between knowledge institutes, industry and government organizations to develop stronger competitiveness and to address societal challenges. For example, the Top sectors Life Sciences & Health, Agri&Food, T&U Societal Challenges & Horticultural Solutions and the Creative Industry have made a joint effort to improve public health with a focus on prevention, behavioral changes and healthier products.

Read the Kamerbrief EZ here, with the full report and a background report per Topsector.