ACTA-discovery finds its way to the market

Immuno Valley partners the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and VU University Amsterdam recently signed a licensing agreement with health company BioClin.

A team of ACTA scientists, led by Dr. Floris Bikker and Prof. Enno Veerman, of the department of oral biochemistry discovered five years ago that PHS (Phytospingosine) binds to tooth enamel. PHS forms a protective layer over the tooth enamel, which protects the tooth from hazardous components like acid or bacteria. These findings are now being commercialized since addition of PHS to oral care products is an innovative concept that will improve oral health. ACTA supports BioClin in investigating novel applications of PHS and BioClin is working together with larger companies that can develop oral care products.

Dr. Floris Bikker comments on the collaboration with BioClin:’ The Immuno Valley network and the kind Immuno Valley team has been instrumental in making the connection between ACTA and BioClin’.

VU University Amsterdam is owner of the intellectual property and stimulates the translation of (academic) knowledge towards products and processes that benefit society via its knowledgetransfer organisation Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA).

BioClin develops, markets and supplies healthcare products for retail and business-to-business. The products of BioClin are based on scientific research. BioClin has an international focus and worldwide scope.

Source article: ACTA

Source image: scanning elektronen microscopische (SEM) opnamen van PHS dat gebonden is aan dentine, Queen Mary University of London

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