Key Values

The Immuno Valley team upholds key values in all its collaborations with both network partners and while providing its specialized services that are designed to drive a project forward. In brief, the Immuno Valley team key values and ambitions are:

  • Trust: is essential to realize partnerships
  • Business driven: the team has a focus on market needs
  • Expert: the team is knowledgeable and experienced in their field
  • Committed: the team is committed to the network partners, the customers and the success of their projects
  • Personal: the team works from the customer's need, listen first and then offer advice

The Immuno Valley ambition is to build more valuable business-to-science and business-to-business collaborations at the crossroads of human and animal health. We look forward to accomplishing this through active cooperation with established and new partners.

New Partners

Immuno Valley welcomes new business and science partners that are active in human and animal health to join the network. Read more about the Partner Privileges for Immuno Valley network partners.