Immuno Valley Services

The Immuno Valley Team enables business driven partnerships in human and animal health to flourish. Immuno Valley provides a range of services, covering proposal writing, consortium framework support, project management and event management. You can find examples of previous projects supported by Immuno Valley here.


Immuno Valley services:

  • Consortium framework support 
    • Advice on managerial aspects regarding:
      • consortium governance
      • confidentiality
      • intellectual property rights
      • consortium and grant agreement preparation


Immuno Valley services:

  • Proposal writing
    • Assisting proposal writing for your R&D partnership
    • Coordinating the grant application process

  • Project management
    • We invest in achieving successful project completion
    • Highly experienced team for managing all types of R&D projects
    • Support for small bilateral collaborations to complex public-private partnerships
    • Dissemination and communication, creating optimal visibility of results or events to a large, relevant audience
    • Activities include project administration, reporting, and monitoring

  • Event management
    • Organization and coordination of:
      • matchmaking events
      • symposia / conferences
      • site visits
    • Specialized in meetings with an international audience

Key Values

The Immuno Valley team upholds key values in all its collaborations with both network partners and while providing its specialized services that are designed to drive a project forward. Read more about the Immuno Valley key values.