Immuno Valley Network

Network of business and science partners active in human and animal health

Since 2008, Immuno Valley has grown out to a vital One Health network of multinational pharmaceutical companies, SMEs, academic hospitals, and knowledge institutes active in the field of human and animal health. The partners in this unique public-private network have an invested interest in forging (international) R&D partnerships to find solutions in the field of infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and gut health.

Immuno Valley partners enjoy privileges

The network offers an opportunity to meet potential new business partners. The Immuno Valley team actively supports the network partners, using business intelligence to find out what the partners need and actively looking for financial and R&D opportunities, to Match, Build and Support new partnerships. Read more about Network Privileges >

Key Values

The Immuno Valley team upholds key values in all its collaborations with both network partners and while providing its specialized services that are designed to drive a project forward.
Read more about the Immuno Valley key values.

New Partners

Immuno Valley welcomes new business and science partners that are active in human and animal health to join the network. Read more about the Partner Privileges for Immuno Valley network partners.

Immuno Valley Annual Conference

The Immuno Valley Annual Conference is a network event for both Immuno Valley network partners and for people who are interested in meeting the network partners or to learn more about the Immuno Valley network. The conference is an annual event, with opportunities for science and industry to to meet and discuss collaboration.

Read more about the past Annual Conferences on the event websites.

Annual Conference 2017, Hotel Mitland, Utrecht

Annual Conference 2016, Muntgebouw Utrecht

Annual Conference 2014, Rosarium, Amsterdam