Customer projects

The Service Office provides a range of services, covering proposal writing, consortium framework support, project management and event management. Below you can find examples of previous projects.

For examples of research projects with Immuno Valley partners, go to the Projects page.

Proposal Writing

TKI-LSH Allowance (Match)/PPP Allowance

The Immuno Valley Service Office has specialized in applying for the PPP Allowance regulations (previously called TKI-LSH Allowance Match) for the LSH field. The team has offered support to partners like BioClin, Dopharma, Merial, MSD Animal Health, Perstorp, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht University and Zoetis. So far, 6 projects were applied and the team has a 100% success rate. Please contact us for more information about the opportunities that the PPP Allowance regulation can offer you. 

Project management

One Health proposition

Invest Utrecht, the Foreign Investment Agency of the Province of Utrecht, gave the Immuno Valley service office the assignment to compile a proposition of the unique One Health landscape in the Netherlands. Read more >

Event projects

The Immuno Valley Serivce Office has specialized in event management, here are some examples of previous projects.

AtoB Day

From Academia to Business

The overall objective of AtoB day® is to bring academia and business together, stimulate the dialogue and facilitate collaboration.



IOHC 2015 

Bringing science and policy together

From 15-18 March 2015 the 3rd International One Health Congress (IOHC2015) was organised in Amsterdam. Immuno Valley was part of the organisation.