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Parties with an interest to tackle major challenges related to infectious diseases in both humans and animals, in collaboration with appropriate business partners, turn to Immuno Valley. We effectively match business and science to specifically build, nurture, and support lasting business partnerships for R&D. Read more about what we offer>

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  1. ACTA-discovery finds its way to the market

    Immuno Valley partners the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and VU University Amsterdam recently signed a licensing agreement with health company BioClin. Read more...

  2. MIT call opens April 2018

    Entrepreneurs can apply for funding for innovative R&D projects from the MKB (SME) Innovation stimulation Topsectors (MIT) arrangement from April 2018 onwards. Read more...

  3. Dutch researchers report on novel antimicrobial peptide to combat drug-resistant bacteria and biofilms

    Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the Association of Dutch Burn Centers have published on the use of antimicrobial peptide SAAP-148 to combat drug-resistant bacteria and biofilms in the latest edition of the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine. Read more...

More news


  1. Human Biotech & Animal Health Summit

    From 12-13 March, 2018, the first Human Biotech & Animal Health Summit will be organized in Boston, USA.

  2. 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe

    As part of its worldwide microbiome series, Global Engage is pleased to announce the 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe which will be held on 21-22 March, 2018 and will be co-located with the 2nd Probiotics Congress: Europe.

  3. ECI 2018 - 5th European Congress of Immunology

    The 5th ECI will cover all fields of modern immunology, ranging from innate memory and tissue specific regulation of T/B cell differentiation to unsupervised analyses of big data for evaluation of immunomodulatory biologicals.

  4. 10th International Symposium VTEC 2018

    International conference on Shiga Toxin Verocytotoxin producing Escherichia coli infections in Florence, Italy.