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Parties with an interest to tackle major challenges related to infectious diseases in both humans and animals, in collaboration with appropriate business partners, turn to Immuno Valley. We effectively match business and science to specifically build, nurture, and support lasting business partnerships for R&D. Read more about How We Work>

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  1. Immunity for Health event

    On October 20-21, Flanders Vaccine and Provaxs organised the first ‘Immunity for Health’ event in Ghent, Belgium. The theme of the meeting was on “Towards a strategic research agenda for PPPs on the development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics”. Read more...

  2. MRSA bacteria still present in pig breeding farms

    Despite a reduction of 50% of antibiotics used in pig breeding farms, the MRSA bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic Methicilline are still found in meat producing pigs. This is one of the conclusion of an RIVM study, done in collaboration with WUR researcher Kees Veldman. Read more...

  3. Migration routes hold key to bird flu spread, global study finds

    Monitoring the migration routes of wild birds could help to provide early warning of potential bird flu outbreaks, experts say. The recommendation follows new research that shows migrating birds can help to spread deadly strains of avian flu around the world. Read more...

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  1. Symposium Antibiotic Resistance

    On 17 November the Ministry of Health , the RIVM and IGZ will organise the Antibiotic Symposium. The message at this symposium is that a joint approach is needed and that we need everyone involved.

  2. Dutch Life Sciences conference

    The 12th edition of the Dutch Life Sciences conference on November 24, 2016 in Leiden, will feature a special programme for start-ups.

  3. STW Annual Congress 2016

    STW celebrates her 35 year anniversary with a new round of the Open Mind funding opportunity.

  4. Mind, Mood and Microbes, 1st international conference on microbiota-gut-brain-axis

    The ability of gut microbiota to communicate with the brain is emerging as an exciting concept in health and disease. Mounting evidence, mostly from rodent studies, suggests that gut microbes help shape normal neural development, brain biochemistry, and behaviour.